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Stranger Things: Season 4? Release? Cast? Spoilers? And Fan Theories

Whether you’re like most of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things viewers, you’ve probably either finished the third season already, or you’re well on your way there. As with the supernatural series ‘first two seasons, season 3 takes its main storyline to a satisfying end throughout its eight episodes, thus leaving a few new threads dangling for the future.

Unless the series wasn’t picked up for the fourth season of monster-filled adventure, it would have been shocking considering its overwhelming success with viewers. In reality, as if a renewal was a foregone conclusion all along, several people, both associated with the show and not, talked about next season.

In addition to the inevitable wave of fan theories that started circulating across the internet almost as soon as Netflix dropped season 3, the show’s writers and producers — as well as a few cast members — have already begun to explore what’s next for the former Hawkins Middle School AV Club members, along with their friends and family.