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Sex Education: 5 Reasons To Watch Its Upcoming And Previous Seasons

Sex education in India remains a taboo for many parents, making it an hourly requirement. We are around 130 crore people in India and it is continuously growing. If you’re concerned about India’s growing population and how Earth can meet our needs, this series is a watch. If you want to know a lot about myths, problems, sexual curiosities, then sex education is also a good time.

So here are 5 reasons why to watch sex education?

It’s educational

The show revolves around Otis, a boy whose mother is a sex therapist, played by Asa Butterfield. Naturally, he learns a lot from his profession and starts informal sex therapy sessions to earn pocket money. You will definitely learn a lot about sex education in this series.

Featured artists of the show

The sex education cast is excellent and many of you will be related to the various characters in the series. Gillian Anderson and Emma McKay are a delight to watch both seasons. The best thing about sex education is that there are many newcomers who have done a commendable job.

The Diversity

This series is not just about a specific caste, gender, caste, religion or community. It is for every ethnicity and even for the LGBTQ community. The stories are progressive and therefore you will always like to see each story crumble. No, I have not spoiled you!

Abortion case

Abortion is one of the most controversial and serious issues in India and worldwide. Movie and series producers often take a safe path through a story that shows it. In sex education, you will see a new version of all of them. There is a scene in a movie where the girl has to decide if she wants a son or not.

Attention to detail.

Audiences remember shows that have been created with attention to detail and are beautifully recorded, and sex education is no different. It has a strong plot, the related stories and episodes are beautifully filmed.

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