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Stranger Things: Dacre Montgomery Knew Fate Of His Character

Actor Dacre Montgomery became known after playing the Red Ranger role in the 2017 Power Rangers movie and is one of the stars of Stranger Things.

Dacre Montgomery admits that he still suffers from many nerves while shooting a movie or the Stranger Things series. Here’s how he put it during a recent interview:

“I am always nervous; that is one of the great reasons why I cannot do theater. I suffer a lot from nerves. Anything, anywhere. Red carpets, whatever it is! But I definitely know that feeling in myself when I feel like I’ve relaxed enough on a character, and I’m in my head saying, Okay, I’m on the right track for me,’ even if it’s not the right one. Follow up with the director or audience, etc. I always try to look for that.”

“And I really just had that moment in my career, during the filming of Stranger Things, where I walked on set and thought, ‘I deserve to be here.’ At every other moment, I have this thing from, I don’t deserve to be here. 50,000 people want it behind me, and that’s what I think drives me to work harder because I say, ‘Well if I’m here and I’m not good enough, I could also work 50,000 times harder than people. behind me’. And I think that’s all I think I can fight for.”

He had an epiphany when filming on the Netflix web series:

“In Stranger Things season 3, the sauna scene that we shot for a whole week with Shawn Levy, I put everything I had in it. And I think it was the first time that I walked on set and said, ‘I’m going to own this. And I think it was a liberating moment, but I also always remind myself that I must continue to work hard and be very grateful for the opportunities offered to me.”

Hopefully, we can see Dacre Montgomery on Netflix’s Stranger Things and other series and movies, as he is a very talented young man.

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