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Steven Universe Season 7: How Much Fans Have To Wait For The New Season?

Here is all that we need to know about Steven Universe and its seventh season!

As all the fans of the series, Steven Universe, know that its sixth installment finished with ten episodes in a row back in December of 2019.

But, there is no inquiry regarding that, the real question is; will the series get renewed for a second season?

Here is what happened in season five!

This is also known as the Future of our favorite Steven Universe, so as of now, all the people around the globe are waiting for a seventh installment or you can say the second season of Future.

The sixth season ended very quickly as every broadcast is made up of two episodes. This means that Steven Universe’s season six only aired five times on five different dates.

And this is the sole reason as to why fans want Rebecca Sugar to confirm another season for them.

The sixth season has already provided a show with a fitting end!

In this scenario, the latest season of Steven Universe completed with the final chapters that are titled Little Graduation as well as Prickly Pear.

These episodes aired on the 28th of December and apparently, the stories served to be very suitable for the conclusion of the show.

Here is if Steven Universe will come for a seventh season or not!

Right now, every fan desires a seventh season or a second season of Steven Universe Future to come back on the screen, but it seems like a tough task.

If you focus enough you will remember that back when the sixth season was about to come, it was explained to all the audience who watch this series that the upcoming season would be called as Steven Universe Future and this is because the new stories are meant to be an epilogue for the fifth show.

Media outlets think that Steven Universe is over for good!

We all know what epilogue means. It is not produced to create new stories but to answer all the questions that have been left by the previous seasons.

If there are scenes that are not entirely clear, the epilogue is going to serve its task of tieing all the loose ends and then giving it a satisfying ending or in this case, as the conclusion of season 5 was called, Change Your Mind.

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