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Steve-O Duct Taped Himself To Billboard! Here’s The Real Reason!

The Jackass star was taped on a billboard in the heart of Hollywood.

Cause Behind This

Steve-O walked for a few hours against the big billboard before firefighters assisted him. Still, Steve-O has a good idea for this latest trick. Steve-O has participated in various trials and tricks over the years. Who can forget when he was arrested for burning fireworks throughout the Seaworld remonstrance?

Now, the adventurer has decided to finish his latest stunt in Hollywood on August 13th. The billboard is located along Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street and has a fused star on numerous layers of black duct tape. The tape covered her body from torso to thigh. Still, though he was shirtless and barefooted, he was still able to take and post selfies on Instagram throughout the stunt. Also, a live broadcast was started shortly after the stunt began.

Steve-O duct tapes himself to L.A. billboard for promo stunt - Los Angeles Times

Image Source: Los Angeles Times

The whole gimmick was to promote his new special comrade Garnery, who is available for broadcasts over 18 on his website.

Premiere Delayed?

I have no chance of falling, and for me, it is important that we do not waste valuable resources from the city on this. I am happy to retire and I want the wider world to know about this project that I have worked so hard on. In addition, he hurried for a few hours on the bulletin board before enlisting the help of the fire department. Since Steve-O bought the billboard, police have said he was not committing any crime.

In the video, he says, “I’ve had a conduit on this bulletin board for an hour and a half now,” a little longer. The long-awaited film and Johnny Knoxville and co. It was incipiently planned to hit multiplexes in March 2024.

Various fans took to social media to present their views on Steve-O’s latest stunt.

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