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South Carolina Man And Step Daughter Brutally Gunned Down In Road Rage

A fatal car accident killed a father and daughter and the third passenger is still in critical condition

A South Carolina man and his stepdaughter died in a brutal car accident on Monday. The third victim is in critical condition and fighting for his life.

Around 5 pm. On Monday, Charles “Nick” Wall and his stepdaughter, Laura Anderson, were killed near the driveway of Anderson’s new home in Georgetown, South Carolina. Another man, identified as Paul McConnell, is was seriously injured in the accident.

The suspect fired the gunshots and killed the father-daughter duo

According to the Georgetown County Sheriff, Taisham Walters III crashed into a wall as he pulled into a new house near the intersection of Indian Hut Road and Highmarket Street. What appeared to be a slight bend in the wings turned into a full-blown double homicide investigation, police said, when Walters pulled out his gun and began shooting.

Warrants revealed that the suspect shot Wall two times in the chest and shot Anderson once in the head, killing them both. Walters would later shoot McConnell before hitting him in the face and head with a gun.

Walters managed to escape from the scene

Walters fled the scene after the shooting, but authorities found him with the help of K-9. He is now behind bars on charges of murder, attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

A close family friend of the victims, Lynn Lambert, revealed that Wall was planning to hand Anderson a set of keys and was barely turning in the driveway when Walters hit Wall from behind with his car.

On Wednesday, a judge denied Walters’s bail on the gun charges. A bail hearing is scheduled for the murder charges in the Georgetown County District Court. Officials said it could take at least a month before a bail hearing.

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