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She Hulk: Will It Be A Movie Or Show, Details Here

Since the end of Avengers: Endgame, Disney+ has been planning on launching several series based on characters from Marvel comics. One of the series Disney+ is planning on launching on its streaming platform is She-Hulk. Here is everything we know about the arrival of the upcoming superhero series, She-Hulk, on Disney+.

She-Hulk: When Will The Green Superhero Arrive On Disney+?

The streaming platform has not revealed the release date of its upcoming superhero series, She-Hulk. It is expected that the green superhero will arrive on the streaming platform sometime in 2024.

She-Hulk: Has The Production Work On The Upcoming Superhero Series Begun?

The production work on the upcoming superhero series, She-Hulk, was to begin in August this year in Atlanta. But, due to the current global scenario, it is not known if the filming of the superhero series has begun yet.

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She-Hulk: Who Would Portray The Character Of She-Hulk On Disney+?

It was recently announced that Tatiana Maslany would portray the role of the green superhero in the upcoming Disney+ series, She-Hulk. The streaming platform is yet to disclose the remaining cast of its upcoming series.

She-Hulk: Who Is The Green Superhero?

Jennifer Walters is the cousin sister of the incredible Hulk Bruce Banner. She is a successful lawyer and first appeared in the Marvel comics in 1979. Jennifer is one day gunned down by a criminal who was taking revenge from her. To save her from dying, her cousin Bruce Banner does a blood transfusion. He transfuses some of his gammas radiated blood into his wounded cousin sister. The blood transfusion converts Jennifer Walters into the green She-Hulk.

Unlike Bruce Banner who cannot control his anger, Jennifer Walters does not suffer from anger issues. Because of this, Jennifer continues working as a lawyer in the morning. She even sets up her legal practice.

She-Hulk: Will The Upcoming Series Have A Crossover With Other MCU Films?

In the past, Marvel series like Agents Of Shield had a crossover with the MCU films. But, Disney+ has different plans for its upcoming several series. The MCU series being launched on Disney+ take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

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