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Shadowhunters Alum Katherine McNamara Cast For Urban Legend Reboot

Rising star Sidney Chandler and Katherine McNamara are chatting with the Urban Legend star, who is all the rage on the Gems screen. The film will focus on a diverse cast of college students as they navigate a series of strange deaths that resemble urban legends associated with the darkest corners of society, who is the daughter of Kyle Chandler, will play the title character, and the set will include a Sources say Keith Powers (Straight Outta Compton) is also being tied up for a possible role, and this plot will explore DeepFake technology, which is becoming more popular and accessible.

Shadowhunters Alum Katherine McNamara Cast For Urban Legend Reboot

Chandler graduated from St. Edward University in 2018 with creative writing and is working on a junior novel, making her mark as an actress. He has represented UTA and Mosaic, and their managers did not respond to requests for comment, will soon make his directorial debut on Johann Boone’s Stephen King epic novel The Stand, as well as Charity Day.

Urban Legend Reboot Eyes Sydney Chandler, Katherine McNamara to ...


Katherine McNamara So far, McNamara doesn’t know much about the available roles. However, it is speculated that he will star alongside Sidney Chandler on the set. Coleen Minin is set to direct this reboot of the horror film, with Eric Paquet and Michael Bitar overseeing the project for Screen Dam. While it is unknown how close the reboot is to following the story of the original urban legend, officials from the study have said this reboot of Urban Legend will explore the consequences of living in a digital.

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While a lot can be seen about the urban legend reboot, the enduring star power of the original franchise films shows just how important it is to choose. Dropped by the cast of CAA and Atlas, McNamara also wrapped up an untitled horror film with director Nick Simon and co-writer Luke Baines, with Arrow actress Katherine McNamara reportedly in talks for a role in the upcoming. Urban McNamara, 24, is best known for playing the roles of Clary Frye and Mia Smoke on The Scherhunters and Arrow, respectively.

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