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Scientists Claim Alien Life Exists In Our Universe

Until today, it is estimated that there could be around 10 septillion planets in our universe. And in case of any one of those words that are alike the Earth, the odds that they also host life are around nine times better than the odds they’re lifeless.

According to the new analysis, the numbers and wagering of the life will emerge on our planet clone appears to be the safest but, you might not agree to risk your life savings on the chance that intelligent life will evolve.

Source: NBC News

Additionally, the scientist revealed that we know nothing about how frequently life and intelligent life emerge if there is a world beyond our planet Earth. What all we know is that life emerged on Earth fairly early in our planet is a long history.

While the intelligent life started mucking about and making tools ranging from the wheel to particle accelerators in the most recent chapter of Earth’s biography. One can assume that the intelligent gestation might be a very long process or it might be the way it worked out for Earth.

Kipping wondered what are the possibilities of life and intelligent life that can emerge on our planet if we were able to turn back the clock on our planet’s history running it forward again and again.

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