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Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Is It Returning For Another Season, Know Its Story Leaks

One of Netflix’s most underrated comedies is “The Santa Clarita Diet”. A story about a real estate agent, starring Drew Barrymore, who turns into a zombie after eating something bad. After that she and her husband, Timothy Olyphant are forced to kill people. Of course, things don’t always go as planned, and the story begins spiraling from there.

Santa Clarita Diet: Release Date

Netflix has not officially ordered a renewal of Season 4 of the Santa Clarita Diet, and unfortunately, it looks like it will never happen. Shortly after the launch of season 3, Netflix canceled the Santa Clarita diet instead of announcing season 4.

The Santa Clarita Diet has been canceled, while Season 4 of the series should be released in late March 2024. But it will no A month at longer happen. The series premiered in 2017, Season 2 of the Santa Clarita diet was announced, and the same thing happened for Season 3 in 2018. But this time, the series was canceled.

“Santa Clarita Diet” season 4: Plotline

Season 3 of the Santa Clarita Diet concluded much of the plot of Season 2. With Anne dropping the picture, the Serbian Knights no longer have a problem for Sheila and Joel, and the blast site in the end. But all of that, mixed with all the new twists and turns, sets up an even weirder Santa Clarita Diet season 4.

Repeat Season 3 of the Santa Clarita Diet – Anne no longer bothers Hammonds, but still assures many people that Sheila is a divine being. Joel is now a member of the Serbian Knights. Ron is no longer a problem for Hammonds and tried to turn everyone into zombies. And, on a happier note, Abby and Eric now seem to be giving their relationship a real shot.

But the biggest development in history could be Season 4 of the Santa Clarita diet. With Ball Legs crawling into Joel’s brain, through his ear canal, and apparently killing him. And to save her husband, Sheila transforms Joel into a zombie. It would certainly be interesting to see what kind of zombie Joel turned out to be!

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