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Robert Pattinson Could Star In A Star Wars Movie

After being the new Batman, Robert Pattinson could leap to the Star Wars saga and, more specifically, to the Kevin Feige film.

Disney / LucasFilm some time ago assigned a Star Wars movie to Marvel Studios head producer Kevin Feige. For now, there are few details of what they are preparing, but several names have been rumored for the project, such as Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) or Chris Evans Captain America. Now reports indicate that they want Robert Pattinson to lead that story.

Having given up on the big box office hits for nearly a decade after the Twilight saga conclusion, Robert Pattinson has significantly softened his stance. After being praised for his performance in Christoper Nolan’s Tenet, many who criticized him as the new Batman are thinking better of it. Also, exciting offers come to him, and one of them could join him in Star Wars.

It would be an exciting leap in his career

Robert Pattinson is expected to headline at least three solo Batman movies from director Matt Reeves, which will keep him busy for a few years. But the same sources that were right that the Fast and Furious franchise will have scenes in space and that Ben Affleck returns for The Flash all the information is already official, now assure that the former star of Harry Potter and Twilight could end up joining another of Hollywood’s most iconic franchises, Star Wars.

Based on this information, Kevin Feige is interested in Robert Pattinson being the leader of his first Star Wars movie. The Marvel Studios boss wants to focus heavily on the original characters and apparently has a role in mind for the new Batman.

Kevin Feige is stated to be a massive fan of Robert Pattinson as a devoted and dedicated talent and Sees him as the proper candidate to enroll in a Star Wars challenge that also stays shrouded in mystery. It’s unclear what precisely the blockbuster’s movie will be about or what it will involve, but it will undoubtedly seek to emulate the success it brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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