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Bosch: When Is Season 6 Releasing On Prime?

The show is based on Michael Connelly’s international bestselling book series. Connelly works as a producer and writer at the series, which stars Titus Welliver as police detective Harry Bosch in Los Angeles.

As in the previous seasons, the new season will be based on elements from many books by Connelly. This time around, ‘The Overlook’ and ‘Dark Sacred Night’ are turned into an arc of history in which Bosch discovered that the theft of nuclear radiation material from a hospital could produce a bomb that could kill Los Angeles as a whole. Read on to learn more about the new season.

Bosch, the stars of the TV show, is headed by Titus Welliver’s character as Los Angeles Police Detective Harry Bosch. Eric Overmyer has Created Bosch for Amazon. During the first season of the series, three volumes of Michael Connelly’s novels were inspired. The first was the City of Bones, the second was Echo Park, and the third was The Blonde Concrete.