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Riverdale: Why Jughead Jones Is The Best Character Of The Show?

There has been a debate for a long time as to who is actually the best Riverdale character. For some of us, we have our own solid favourites, but for the rest of the foxes, things change from episode to episode as the characters develop and … well, they die. Discussions were held in the team, with some characters performing the filibusters in favour, but in the end, there was a clear winner.

The rules are simple: the character has appeared on the screen and/or is a real name. Character development, character actions, and purpose have been considered. And please note: the only title is taken into account, not based on actor ranking.

The Best Character Of THe Show Jughead Jones Here Everything About This Man!!

“Jughead” Jones III is the main character on the CW’s Riverdale. He is portrayed by Cole Spruce. He is the son of FP and Gladys Jones, as well as the older brother of Zelibyn Jones. Jughead is also the younger half brother of Charles Smith. He is the omniscient narrator of the series and the author of an ongoing novel about the mysterious death of Jason Blossom and the events that take place in Riverdale, a city that, while innocent on its surface, has many dark and hidden secrets.

Riverdale': Is Jughead dead? Here's why we say no – Film Daily
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Jughead is a close friend of Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper, with whom he is currently in a relationship. While attending gang- and drug-infected high school, he reopened the school newspaper, Red and Black, where he was editor, along with the fellow snake, newspaper photographer Tony Topaz, with Robert Phillips, his mentor until his arrest. . . However, with the conclusion of Southside High, Jughead has returned to Riverdale High.

After Jughead moved from south to south, although he was not officially a serpent from the southeast, they considered Jughead as a family, due to the leader’s connection. As Tony told him, he was a “bloody snake”, claiming it was his birthright. Even though he had previously refused to be a part of the gang, the snake still respected him and protected him when necessary.

It wasn’t long after joining the Serpent that Jughead reconnected with Penny Peabody, also known as the Snake Charmer, who caught him to become her personal narcotic dealer, thus lending that debt. Completing what his father did not pay. Due to surveillance video acquired by Penny for dropping the narcotic on Jughead Archie, she was regularly forced to smuggle her narcotics from the south side of Riverdale to a warehouse in Grendel.

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