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Resident Evil TV Series: When Could We Expect Its Arrival On Netflix?

Netflix has been making films and series based on several video game series. The latest game to be adopted into a series by the streaming giant is Resident Evil. The fans and followers of the well-known game franchise are looking forward to watching the upcoming action-horror series on Netflix. Here is everything we know about the expected arrival of the action-horror series, Resident Evil on Netflix.

Resident Evil: When Will The Action-Horror Series Arrive On Netflix?

Netflix has not revealed the arrival date of its upcoming action-horror series, Resident Evil. The fans and followers of the video game franchise can expect to watch the upcoming series sometime next year.

Resident Evil: Has The Filming Of The First Season Of The Series Begun?

The filming of the first season of Resident Evil was to begin in June this year. But due to the ongoing global pandemic, the production work on the first season of Resident Evil could not commence. It is not known if the filming of the series has begun yet. The production of the first season of Resident Evil will take place in South Africa. The first season of the action-horror series will contain eight episodes.

Resident Evil TV Series: Is Release Date Confirmed For Upcoming Title?


Resident Evil: What Is The Premise Of The Upcoming Action-Horror Series?

The upcoming action-horror series, Resident Evil, will have two timelines. The series will take the viewers to the small town of New Raccoon City, where two teen sisters Jade and Billie Wesker, have just moved. Both Jade and Billie discover something, and they feel that their father is hiding something that could destroy the world. In the parallel timeline, the viewers would be taken ten years into the future. The world is now inhabited by a limited number of people. A T-virus is infecting humans, and Jade is trying to survive in this uncertain world.

Resident Evil: Who Are The Part Of The Cast Of The Upcoming Action-Horror Series?

The cast of the upcoming action-horror film, Resident Evil, has not been revealed by the streaming giant Netflix.

The first season of Resident Evil would arrive on the broadcasting giant Netflix’s platform soon.

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