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Resident Evil TV Series: Is Release Date Confirmed For Upcoming Title?

Resident Evil is the most anticipated franchise whether its a game or a movie, but now the franchise leads to its further expansion with a TV series on the cards. Resident Evil TV series will be based on the Capcom game of the concerned name. Netflix itself confirmed the series in a strange manner, the streaming giant used his social handle to announce the series.


There are several speculations regarding the nature of the series and now its concluded that Resident Evil will be totally a live-action. However, there is already a movie series on the famous game then the change is imminent and Netflix is always trying to do something new regarding their projects.

Production Status

The Production phases are not as they used to be, there are several projects that are currently on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Resident Evil is dealing with the same scenario and production phases are currently on standby.

The Production phases will take place again in early 2024 and could take six to seven months to complete.

Expected Release Date

Considering all the factors of production phases and delays, the show will likely arrive next fall in the Haloween season. However, such delay is imminent if we are looking at the current scenarios of release and there are many complications faced by showrunners to complete their desired schedule.


Resident Evil comprises eight episodes in the initial season and it will be one hour long.

Expected Plotline

Currently, there is no such information on the possible plot of the series as there is no such speculation made by showrunners.

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