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Rep. Jordan challenges Schiff to release closed-door testimony that shatters Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’ theory

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., should launch the complete transcript of U.S. envoy Kurt Volker’s congressional testimony, to show there was no quid pro quo arrangement between President Trump and Ukraine, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., stated on”America’s Newsroom” Wednesday.

Jordan pushed Schiff to launch all texts and documents linked to Volker’s closed-door testimony and accused him of choosing what advice he’d share with the general public, to appease political concerns.

“Publish the transcript in order that they can see exactly what Ambassador Volker spent telling us,” Jordan stated. “Where he stated there wasn’t any quid pro quo, there was no linkage… between safety assistance bucks for Ukraine and also any sort of investigation into anybody in Ukraine or any evaluation to the Bidens.

“He had been clear about that [and] bolstered what President [Volodymyr] Zelensky stated when he stated,’I wasn’t pushed by the government,'” he continued. “Adam Schiff will not releasing that. Rather, there were 67 pages of text messages. Adam Schiff took some of the text messages and published them. Publish all of them.”
Jordan explained the impeachment of a president ought to be treated with greater reverence and called on Democrats to discharge all resources which may lead to new data in the analysis.

“We are talking about impeaching the president of the United States — 13 weeks prior to an election, according to an anonymous whistleblower without a firsthand knowledge that has a prejudice against the presidentin an investigation being directed by Adam Schiff,” he explained.
“The president has been ready to publish the transcript of this telephone with President Zelensky. Why will not Adam Schiff to release that the transcript of the special envoy who surfaced for nine hours”

Jordan also predicted Democrats would vote to impeach Trump and stated they’d already made their minds up before the details were in.

“On posts [of impeachment], it feels as though they’re headed down the street,” he explained.

“Regrettably, I believe they have decided before they have even looked at the signs since there’s no evidence to do this. Whether they will do the proper query and begin this procedure the way they’re supposed to, then I do not understand… They continue to make the rules up as they move together.”

Volker abruptly resigned following a whistleblower complaint maintained he flew to Kiev to assist Ukrainian officials browse Trump’s alleged petition to research 2024 presidential hopeful Joe Biden, his son Hunter and their business dealings in Ukraine. The complaint also asserted that the envoy connected Trump’s individual lawyer Rudy Giuliani with Ukrainian officials.
Democrats didn’t have the identical takeaway from Volker’s marathon interview a week.

“We saw additional proof that there was a shadow shakedown happening and the direct […] deputy for the president was Rudy Giuliani. You had a seasoned diplomat working for free — special envoy Mr. Volker — that, in a variety of ways, was a front for work which had been performed on the side parallel to his own attempts by Rudy Giuliani,” said Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., NBC News reported.

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