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Reality Z: Major Details About Season 2 You Must Know

Who doesn’t love zombie and horror films and shows! It glues us to our screens and watches more what is coming up next. And if we talk about the present situation or the year 2024, every one of us is undoubtedly expecting to enter into the apocalypse world of zombies to witness them in reality. After all, we already had had enough till now, isn’t it? Surely yes, but our web show cravings will never come to an end.

We are here talking about Netflix recently launched zombie web series titled Reality Z season one that got aired on June 10, 2024. Not even a month has passed, and fans are waiting for an update on its season two. The show has been taken from a mini-series titled Dead Set consisting of ten episodes to binge-watch.

The Storyline Of Reality Z TV Series

It takes us into the city of Rio de Janeiro wherein a reality show is being filmed and BOOM! suddenly there is news that there has been a zombie attack on the city. The contestants have no option but to remain inside the set since that is the best they can do till that time. So what do we expect now? Is a new season is in making or not?

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Renewal Status Of Reality Z Season 2

Currently, Netflix has not officially announced that they have renewed it for a second season since they take like a month or two to decide the same. But the director of the show is very much giving a guarantee to come up with more seasons for sure and season one is not the end. This is actually we all wanted to hear and we are really looking forward that what is more to be witnessed.

What Can We Expect From Reality Z Season 2

If you want some spoilers then it would be shown that the director, as well as the producer are trying to use the situation as an advantage to continue the filming of the show further and show their audience that how it is to be locked inside with zombies outside. This is, of course, a foolish decision and selfishness arising among the makers, but it would be interesting to see how the contestants would react to the decision.

Expected Release Date Of Reality Z Season 2

The second season of Reality Z would turn up by late 2024 since the first season has cropped up just a few days back. Also, seeing the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, the production activities have been suspended until things return to normal. So already it gets delayed further. Till then, you can watch the first season on Netflix and get zombified.

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