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Ray J And Princess Lover: Get To Know Why The Couple Got Separated

We very well know that this quarantine period has bring back together many couples but For Ray J its appears to be the opposite. Many couples have reunited, many of them came into a relationship, and some of them separated. But now major reports appear that Ray J and Princess Lover is getting a divorce.

The Couple Ray J And Princess Lover Has Decided For The Separation

Many reports revealed clashes and disputes between the two, Ray J and Princess Lover, so they mutually understood that separating up will be the best way for this relationship. Some of the reports also revealed that Ray J has filed for the separation.

Princess Love: "I Don't Want To Be Married To Ray J" [Video] - That Grape  Juice
Source: The Grape Juice

Is it a rumor, or is it true? As if we look in the past, then it isn’t the first time they announce their separation. Prior, in May 2024, Princess Lover was planning to file for the separation from Ray J.

What You Should Know About Their Relationship

The quarantine period has become the worst for the couple as there were many fights between the couple. Let’s know about their relationship.

Both of them got married in 2016 and were very happy together. The couple has two cute babies. Everything was fine when their issues came to on the social stage, where the star, Princess Lover, shared a few posts concerning her issues on her Instagram.

Withdrawing to this, Ray J has additionally transferred a banged video, where he scolds her for taking their own life issues via online media. Even before, they had big fights and disputes, they have been battling everywhere on social media. Princess also revealed that she is not happy with her marriage to Ray.

Who Holds The Custody Of The Children

Sorry to report as we don’t know now that who will be taking the custody, yet whatever be the reality. If any reports or details appear about it, we will report it to our readers as soon as possible.

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