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Queens Man Arrested For Shooting A Pizza Man To Death

A Queens-based man is booked for allegedly killing a pizza guy

New York City police said they arrested a Queens man who allegedly shot another man on a subway platform at Grand Central Station over the weekend

Tyrance Crumpti, 26, allegedly followed David Altamirano, 40, who got off the train and shot him in the arm.

The complaint says the incident began when Altamirano accused Crumpti of persecuting him.

The suspect fled on foot, heading west along East 42nd Street, as reported by the sources.

The victim is in better condition now

According to prosecutors, Altamirano’s condition at Bellevue Hospital is stable after surgery for multiple fractures of his left arm. He works in a pizzeria in the Financial District, according to friends who created GoFundMe to cover medical bills. They said he was a husband and father of two, known for his “huge heart”. He worked in a pizzeria for 10 years.

Charges for the crime

Crump was charged with attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, and two counts of criminal detention of a second-degree weapon.

The sources do not report how police found Crumpty, but detectives released photos and videos of the suspect during the weekend shoot.

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