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Punisher Season 3: Is It? Netflix Ready To Renew The Show?

Punisher Season 3: 

It seems that fans had to say goodbye to Marvel shows including Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil, it seems interesting to see what fate awaits The Punisher. Let’s take a look at all the possible details about the show.

Netflix Ready To Renew The Show For The Next Instalment?

Unfortunately, Netflix is ​​now renewing the show after just two seasons. The second season premiered in 2019 and after some fan comments, Netflix has finally hoped to rest. Netflix is ​​not renewing the show, however, fans may still have little hope.

Although Netflix cancelled the show after two seasons, Disney + Marvel is expected to be ready to offer the entire fleet of movies and series. Now that Disney has gone straight to a streaming service that makes Netflix a potential competitor. People are reacting to the news of this cancellation. Just look.

Is there any hope for the show or is it cancelled after just two seasons?

Fans must accept that John Bernthal has brought Frank Castle to life. So if Disney decided to renew all the shows, John would definitely return to his role again. So not all expectations are there, as Disney + could very well renew the show for the better.

Disney + has yet to make an announcement, as it should be with other Marvel shows. Marvel’s Jeff Loeb said it is not Marvel’s decision to renew the series on Netflix. Loeb further stated that they are admiring the network and it is the network that decides whether a particular program has stopped. So it’s too early to say what happens at the end of the show, respectively.

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