Most Profitable Altcoins All Investors Should Know About

It’s always a good choice to invest in the fields which show great potential and hold an effect in the most affluent way. People who run only for already successful fields tend to avoid long term plans. The same goes for the investment, and when we are talking of investment, then comes the idea of cryptocurrency, which is the hottest place to invest now.

There was no such craze for cryptocurrency for almost half a decade but soon after the value of bitcoin reached the all-time high, then the news itched in the investor’s ears, and around the night, they became billionaires. Then tales of how few people came up with billions of money exchange value to the number of bitcoins they were holding, soon there was a rush.

Everyone was making a move on bitcoin, and when this rush was visible, it was already a profit-making and high growth idea. So in this article, we will discuss cryptocurrencies and the most profitable Altcoins.

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What are cryptocurrencies, and what are altcoins?


Now some people are confused about what cryptocurrencies are and how they are making so much money. The main concept of cryptocurrencies is the blockchain. If a person can understand what a blockchain is, you can say that cryptocurrency is the token of a transaction. So the blockchain is the connection between blocks that can contain any form of data based on data limit, and in the case of banks, it is transaction information.

Then there are continuous changing keys available only to sender and receiver, so this is the most useful and secure data sharing method. So these blocks are the major recipients of these transactions, and these blocks have to be mined after solving a complex equation, and when you can mine a block, you receive a reward amount. This reward amount is stored in your wallet.

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And these cryptocurrencies are tokens via which You can access these blocks, so this is the technology of the coming decade that can provide humans with the most secure network sharing method. So the prices of cryptocurrencies reached an all-time high, and it was hard for people to invest high amounts in them, so a very useful alternative came to be known as altcoins.

These altcoins are the new cryptocurrencies available in the market that are comparatively cheaper. These show a high deal of potential that can ensure profits when invested properly.

1. Ethereum


These are some of the highest-rated cryptocurrencies in the world after bitcoins because of their high-security level. When bitcoin was released in  2009, it gained popularity because it came up as the representative of cryptocurrency, and so it was a hard choice to compete with them. But once the founder launched the ethereum, it started capturing the eye of investors as it was a new launch and showed greater potential.

Then over time, the market cap of ethereum was huge, and its features were a lot like bitcoins and once ethereum was out there, the miners start mining ethereum as it was cheaper and faster, which brought them a high amount of profits. The processors required in ethereum mining are cheap, and it’s easy to work for a beginner miner.

2. Ethereum classic

Once Ethereum was on it’s all-time high, and the market was closing in for all the investors, there came a loss for Ethereum in 2016, which was a cyber attack. The Denial of Attack was initiated on the Ethereum servers, resulting in some severe losses for the investors. So the Ethereum classic can be said to be the cousin of Ethereum.

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Ethereum Classic holds various features like Ethereum and can be said as an upgraded version as it contains enhanced security protocols. With its market rising every day, over $5 billion worth it holds in the market. So for the new investors, this is an affordable and high potential altcoin you will find in the market.

3. Monacoin


This is the most trending and useful cryptocurrency for both miners and investors; it can show visible success in the coming years. There are various features of the cryptocurrency which makes it different and quite useful from the other ones. The algorithm of this cryptocurrency is highly advanced, and it does have various methods, which makes it more secure.

Various hardware storing processes allow users to save crypto in hardware devices which can be utilized when users need to make a payment. It can be easily mined with GPU, though right now, its price might be a bit low; in coming years, it’s a promising and a high potential cryptocurrency.

4. Grin

This cryptocurrency might not look promising to the investors with a smiley logo, but various features make it a great choice. The first and unique thing about Grin Mining is that it is an open-source cryptocurrency. It is not directly mined, but it’s grains are mined with 60 in total it makes up a coin.

This way, the supply increases, and there is a constant decrease in the rate of inflation. This is a very simple way of how grin works as this allows miners to mine each coin in a few minutes. This algorithm will become extremely useful in the coming time and allow the users to invest in the open-source concept of profiles.

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5. Raven coin


This is not a very popular cryptocurrency that is a unique feature because it uses the most advanced KAPOW algorithm. Its market cap keeps on showing growth over time, and with this growth, it is becoming extremely easy for users to mine and invest in these cryptocurrencies.

It has made ample space among the list of most influential cryptocurrencies, so if you want to make promising Reuters, this is the perfect pick.

Investors should also make sure that they put in the exact amount of research that would allow them to avoid fraud. Because recently a new crypto named squid was released, and soon it got a good market value, but then suddenly it disappeared overnight from the market.

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