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Pokemon Live-Action Remake: Will It Happen After Detective Pikachu?

Pokemon Detective Pikachu was liked by fans and generated a good box office number as well. However, fans are now rooting for a second film as well, with a vast expectation put on the studio to release another movie featuring the cutest Detective of all! Let us look into the details of the second film that might be happening after all!

Is Detective Pikachu Sequel Movie Happening Or Not?

Now that the Pokemon rights are with Legendary studio, there are plenty of opportunities to make yet another adventure-filled film with Detective Pikachu. We have some great news for fans as it is officially reported that the second film is already in works.

The Second Movie Is Already In Works With A Writer Roped In!

Moreover, the script is also.already in development as writer Oren Uziel has been roped in to own down the script of the second film. While the plot is still kept under wraps and no additional information has been relieved yet by the studio, including the release date. However, there might be a prolonged wait before the film releases on the big screens.

Considering that the studio did take some sweet time before launching the first movie, which was almost for three years, the second movie might not reepasw anytime before 2024 or the end of 2024. Pikachu talking took everyone by surprise, and then it was revealed that Tim’s father being a part of Pikachu was the reason behind him talking. So, Ryan Reynolds might be returning yet again for the sequel.

What Will Be The Plot Of The Second Pikachu Movie?

After the big revelation of Detective Pikachu not being the talking Pokemon but rather it was Tim’s father, there is a strong possibility of the sequel movie not being a direct story from the point the first film left off. Moreover, there can be more characters in the sequel as introduced in the first movie itself. These characters can make a comeback for the sequel movie as well. Fans sure are excited to see what’s in store for the Detective and his gang this time!

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