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Playstation 5 Unannounced Exclusive: What’s The Deal

Playstation Brasil Twitter Speculations

A recent Twitter survey created by PlayStation Brazil has led fans to believe that the company unexpectedly revealed an unannounced PlayStation 5 exclusive. The poll in question asked Twitter which of the following games was the best to wind down with which includes Knack 2, FIFA 2024, Just Dance 2024, or Gran Turismo 7. As you already know that one of these games is not like the others.

Gran Turismo 7 is, of course, a game that doesn’t exist currently, which caused players to wonder where the idea of the poll option came from. As speculation continued, PlayStation Brazil added fuel to the rumor fire by deleted the poll and replacing it with another.

This time around, Gran Turismo 7 wasn’t mentioned, instead of being replaced with GT Sport.

Accidental Reveal

It’s not all too clear what just happened with the tweet, fans are assuming that they just get an accidental reveal of Gran Turismo 7. But it could be done for a cause as such mistakes lead to many speculations and rumors and that’s what PlayStation wants right now.

PS5 Reveal

PS5, it’s been revealed by Sony that the next-gen console will be 100 times faster than the PlayStation 4.

The news comes from an official Sony report, which iterates that the new console will “revolutionize the game experience for users.”

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has stated that the PS5’s custom-built SSD will facilitate processing speeds that are up to 100 times faster than what we’re used to with the PS4.

Sony also confirmed that in order to further improve the sense of immersion in games, they expect to improve not just the resolution, but the speed of games.

Possible Release Date

The console will land sometime in Holiday 2024.

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