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Locke And Key Season 2: Gabriel Rodriguez Talked About The Brand New Keys In The Upcoming Season

Fans surely loved the mysterious story of the Locke siblings in the hit Netflix series Locke and Key. The show has been renewed for yet another season considering the mass popularity the show has gained over time. Let us take a look at some new details of season 2!

Locke And Key Showrunner Made A Major Revelation Recently!

The co-creator of the comic book Locke and Key Gabriel Rodriguez has teased the possibility of some new keys in the upcoming second season of the show. The showrunner of the hit show, Meredith Averill has announced that while she is not sure when the production will resume but is pretty excited to talk to Gabriel about the design of the new keys!

Some New Keys Are Being Designed For The Story! Have A Look.

The on-screen adaptation of the series from the original comic book story has been hugely appreciated by fans. Netflix did not waste any time and soon made sure that Locke’s siblings continue their adventures in the search of new keys thus, giving the story all the unraveling that it needs. Take a look at this Twitter post was the conversion took place regarding the new key designs. Fans are all set to unlock some new keys leading to new mysteries altogether!

Moreover, the first season ended with a few cliffhangers behind and there are some keys to be discovered in the coming season. There’s a lot of speculation around the Animal Key or the Gender Key which will steer the story to a new direction as assumes by some fans. There’s a whole lot of keys that might be unlocked a ton enough in season 2!

The Second Season Will Be Discovering More Keys On The Way.

The second season of the hit series might be taking material front he original comic story including that of the Hell Key. Now that the showrunner is in discussion with the co a creator himself, there might be some strong references drawn on the way. Fans are also hoping that the Netflix fantasy drama uses the original source more freely this time.

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