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Perfect Harmony: Will We Get A Season 2 For The NBC Series?

NBC is shaping the 2024-21 season grid, which will be hopelessly affected by the industrial paralysis caused by the coronavirus crisis. Despite this unprecedented obstacle, which has led the networks to rely on their present content to guarantee the future, not all the series have been renewed, and ‘ Perfect Harmony ‘ and ‘ Lincoln Rhyme: Hunting the bone collector ‘ they have been the last to see their trajectories frustrated.

Will We Get Season 2

Perfect Harmony' Renewal Decision Likely To Go Down To The Wire ...
Source: Deadline

‘Perfect Harmony’ premiered in the fall of 2019 with the hope of being one of the new NBC comic references, which has historically stood out in the genre with titles like ‘ Rockefeller Plaza, ” Community ‘ or ‘ The Office. ‘ However, as indicated by TVLine, that ambition remained a mere intention, averaging less than 2 million viewers with its first installment, which is content to be the third to last of NBC’s seven most viewed comedies throughout the season.

For its part, ‘Lincoln Rhyme,’ released in early 2024, has run the same fate by averaging 3.7 million viewers with its ten chapters. Those data place it as the 9th most-watched NBC drama in the number of viewers, above four other titles. This commitment to the traditional thriller has been broadcast in Spain through AXN, which has allowed us to immerse ourselves in the persecution of the serial killer known as the bone collector.

Future Bets

On the opposite side are the ten original NBC productions that have been renewed to expand their universes: the three series of the franchise ‘Chicago,” New Amsterdam, ” This Is Us ‘ and’ Law and order: Unity of special victims ‘ have been commissioned multiple deliveries; and ‘ Superstore, ” Brooklyn Nine-Nine, ” The Blacklist ‘ and ‘ Good Girls ‘ have gotten the green light to develop one more season.

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