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Peninsula: Trailer Released For Sequel Of Train To Busan, Have A Look

The Peninsula, a girl driving a car will free humanity from the multitude of promising and subsequent factions of remorse from human victims. The film is a four-year sequel to “Train to Busan”, which broke several records across Asia.

Despite its genre film status, “Train” was released as a midnight screening at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, before winning the summer season in Korea and the Asia region. The “peninsula” is slated for a similar course, named in this year’s official selection of virtual ears.

It is targeted for a July release

The exact date is not blocked due to uncertainties in the published schedule due to a coronavirus outbreak. Distributor Next Entertainment World and its rights sales unit, contestant Panda, say international launches will be closely coordinated as soon as Korean exits are confirmed.

Korean cinema reopened last month

After initial hesitation, the audience has started to grow (the top three movies grossed $ 3 million this weekend) and distributors are now rebuilding the summer release schedule.

This is an iconic father and daughter on a train ride to their mother, who is well overrun, by the zombie apocalypse. It’s a pretty poignant genre movie, offering us creepy parts, fleet action, and a beautiful character-driven lineup.

Based on this trailer, the Peninsula appears to be Alien to Alien’s Train to Alien; The dawn of the night of the living dead. When caught in a new zombie attack, not to mention the devastating post-apocalyptic violent coping mechanism, all hell breaks loose. It seems that Yon has considerably expanded his reach, organizing erections by watching pieces of the action in several different places, with a large set of toys.

The trailer of Peninsula is down below: