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‘One Piece Live-Action’ Everything We Know About Its Netflix Release

Filming of the One Piece live-action series will begin in August 2024. It was last January when Netflix announced that it was going to record a new version of the anime series, this time with real actors, however, by half the audiovisual industry has had to face the paralysis caused by the coronavirus crisis.

But there is already a date for the start of filming. It will be on August 31 when the ten chapters that have confirmed the first season begins to be filmed. The recordings, which will take place in Cape Town (South Africa), will run until February 8, 2024, according to ComicBook.

At the moment, no details have been revealed about which actors and actresses will be part of the cast of One Piece. The premiere, according to this same source, is expected for the year 2024, although an even approximate date has not yet been confirmed.

One Piece Live Action
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The development of the series will be carried out by Tomorrow Studios and will have as executive producer Eiichiro Oda, creator of this manga story that began its journey in 1997 and, of which 430 million copies have been sold, is the manga series more sold from history. The person in charge of the project will be Steven Maeda, who has supervised significant productions such as The X-Files, CSI Miami, and Lost.

Release date? (One Piece)

So far, not again. The film was expected to launch in Cape Town in South Africa in the summer of 2024, but it is clear that the Pandemic has been delayed worldwide, like all other products. Still, according to Marty Adelstein, a full first season written, and once the limits are lifted, maybe jump back. If all goes well, you can see it as late as 2024.

How many Seasons will there?

How long the manga is tested, one can go on the theory forever – but it will probably happen. Netflix hasn’t had a minute to remake the show yet. Still, each season can be replaced by one of the “Z” events – the first season, for example, was focused on recruiting Luffy’s characters and completing the fight. Forty-five fish-man pirate.

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