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Heartbroken Mother Reveals How ‘Sick’ People Are Using Her Dead Daughter’s Photo To Male Fake Tinder Profiles

A sad mother of tragic Mia O’Neill has revealed how sick people applied her dead daughter’s image to make a fake profile on tinder.

This year on September 6, Mia died after facing horrific racial torture from her partners.

Mia was of the different race and just ten years old when she was subjected by one person in North Tipperary, who later went on to “recruit” others to target the teenager to hurt.

Little Mia started to self-harm during the 6th class of the primary school.

Her mother named Aisling now has explained how the false dating profile is very distress because even in death, she is not allowed to relax.

Aisling asked for the pattern to be deleted and for people to report it to inspectors.

Aisling took to internet stating: ‘There are some frail people in this world.’

‘This morning, I woke to texts from many different people who had seen my daughter’s photo being used on TINDER.’

‘This is very upsetting for me in life; she was bullied to her death; in death, she is not allowed to rest. This world depresses me beyond words.’

Earlier this month, the mother said that bias in Ireland is widespread and she doesn’t understand how it can increase in the country.

She explained Mia as very friendly with a charming personality who relished making people laugh.

The family of Mia told how they would not go on a witch-hunt against the tormentors named in a sarcastic last letter written by Mia and will instead set up a charity in her name. However, they wish to give a supportive environment to weak teens in her local Newport, Co Tipperary.

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