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‘One Piece: Chapter 991’ When Will It Release?

What can we expect from chapter 991 of the series One Piece? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know about the cast plot and release date of the series One Piece: Chapter 991.

One Piece: Chapter 991: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 991 is scheduled to be released on September 27, 2024. This will be followed by a break, followed by the release of Chapter 991. Therefore, the wait for Chapter 991 will be for two weeks. The production all over the world has been halted due to the global coronavirus pandemic. We will keep you updated. Stay connected with us!

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One Piece: Chapter 991: Plotline

The previous chapter, 990 begins with Lola, and Chiffon recognizes her father for entering the ship. Sasaki is independent, and the most important thing is that he leaves information about who Kyoshiro really is. Assuming Kayoshiro is a traitor, Sasaki is really upset about the fact. Sasaki watches the aftermath and asks about Big Mom’s hand. In fact, the game-changer was the fall of the great tree that freed Sasaki. Minks took the pirates, and so did Jack and Numbers. Jack is seriously injured during a fight with Mink, but he staggers.

Considering Jack’s resistance, Kinemon arrives to attack Jack. However, Kinemon faces an obstacle from Inu and Nekomamushi. The queen is disappointed to see Hyogo and Udon have taken prisoner. The trust placed in Babanuki was destroyed.

Hawkins revealed that men had a 1% chance of survival, and X-Drake was disappointed with the condition. The king informed Toby Ropo of the situation regarding Ongishima. A massive army of 5,000 has brought 30,000 Onigshima civilians to their knees. Therefore, the need to find Yamato has diminished as he will not be eligible for the star challenge.

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