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Offices Of The Makers Of ‘Gay Jesus’ Netflix Special Bombed On Christmas’ Eve

According to reports, the office of Porta dos Fundos was bombed on Christmas Eve. The Porta dos Fundos is the production company behind the Netflix satire,, which suggests that Jesus was gay.

Sources reported that the company’s Rio de Janeiro headquarters was “hit by a Molotov cocktail attack” on Tuesday morning.

A fire broke out at the office after “two petrol bombs” were thrown at the building, sources reported.

Porta dos Fundos stated the incident, validating no injuries had been reported. However, the company said that the attack “endangered numerous innocent lives” of staffers and civilians on the road, sources said.

The comedy group said that “Porta dos Fundos condemns any performance of destruction. We demand those responsible for the crimes to be found and punished. However, our preference right now is the security of the entire team that operates with us.”

The statement further continued as “We will talk again once we have more information. Meanwhile, Porta dos Fundos would love to reinforce our devotion to good humor and indicate that we will move on stronger, more united, inspired, and certain that Brazil will sustain this storm of hatred, and love will predominate along with freedom of speech.”

The Brazilian production company issued the questionable Christmas special titled “The First Temptation of Christ” on December 3. It immediately sparked outrage from conservative Christians who asked Netflix to remove it from Netflix.

The crime also comes after petitions started appearing on, some of which settled more than two million signatures.

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