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New Yorkers Come Out Together To Protest Against War Following US, Iran Disputes

Direct Message To Trump

From Foley Square to the Columbus Circle in New York City, demonstrators are sending a direct message to Trump outside of the President’s Ohio Rally.

“We have a lot to lose in the war for people all across the country to come out against any further action against Iran,” said Murad Awawdeh, a Palestinian-American who helped organize the rally tonight in Foley Square.

“We don’t want a war,” said the Commissioner for Immigration, Bitta Mostofi.

‘No War’ Just ‘Peace’

More than 300 protests nationwide are called a day of action by organizers. Activists with lit letters, “NO WAR.” They also had signs like “We refuse to be enemies” and just “Peace.”

The targeted strike that killed the Iranian general, Quassem Soleimani, was justified in Toldeo, President Trump, on the stump before the vote.

But in the intense protests, there are many conflicts across the country, as can be seen. Linda Sarsour, a political activist who talked before the crowd of hundreds in Foley Square. said that they are the people of America but they don’t support the policies of the U.S. Government.

Jamie Bauer, a Manhattan resident who protests at the Columbus Circle rally, said, “We do not have a company at the battle. There’s no need to be a battle there. There’s no reason to kill Soleimani!”

Demonstrators call it an emergency because the concern is that ever-escalating tensions could escalate in the Middle East at any moment.

Demonstrators here are saying it isn’t just about sending President Trump a message, but also about ensuring that members of Congress are held accountable for America’s Middle East policies.

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