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New Jersey Man Reported Missing For Seven Days Was Found Dead

Police found the body of a man who went missing for a week inside his car in the parking lot of a grocery store on Sunday

Morey Mendes, 29, called his mother on August 27 to tell her he was driving to see his sister on the Toms River, about 10 minutes from their home in Lakewood. He was never seen or heard from again and calls to his cell phone went straight to the answering machine.

The investigators are waiting for the autopsy reports to confirm the cause of death

Mendes’s body was found early Sunday morning in the Shoprite parking lot in Wall Township, across Lakewood from the River Toms.

Lakewood Police Captain Gregory Staffordsmith said Wall Police found no evidence of foul play, but an autopsy to confirm identity and cause of death would provide additional information.

Mendes claimed that he was scared

Jeff Henninger’s attorney representing the family said the body inside a 2000 Chevy Blazer owned by Mendes’ mother’s boyfriend was a young man. Mendes borrowed the car while he was in the shop.

Mendes’ sister, Sabrina Loewing, told that her brother is a poor student and that he recently told his mom that he was scared, but didn’t say who or what scared him.

Henninger said the death was under investigation and police received a warrant to look at Mendes’ text message and use GPS data to find out where he was.

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