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New Gods: Here’s What You Should Know About The Ava DuVernay’s DC Superhero Movie

As well as we knew that Ava DuVernay is a very dark comic book character in the DC movie New Gods. Best known for her Oscar-nominated film Selma and the hit Netflix miniseries When They See Us, DuVernay signed the project in 2018 as a writer and director.

Also, comedian Tom King joined her as a co-writer last year, and since then, they’ve been working hard on the script. Additional updates on the project are few and far between, with the most recent outburst in January when DuVernay confirmed that work on the script was still ongoing, while potential casting ideas were just beginning to take shape.

When it’s release? Do you know?

The New Gods have yet to receive an official release date, presumably because it is still very early in the development process. Warner Bros. and DC have plans for movies until 2024, and some dates are changing due to the recent coronavirus epidemic. Next August will be Wonder Woman 1984, which will also mark the next DCEU movie.

A Wrinkle in Time's Ava DuVernay to Direct DC's The New Gods - IGN

After struggling with the shared universe format, DC began to move away from it to focus on individual movies. Because of this, it is unclear whether the New Gods will fall within the DCEU or simply remain independent. This indicates that DuVernay has really delved into the source material and may have thrown up some interesting and unexpected elements for the film.

Other major details which you should know!!

For the most part, DuVernay has been silent on which characters will be included in the New Gods, although he confirmed that the infamous DC villain Darkseid and his beloved would appear. Fans are also hoping to see Big Barda as she is DuVernay’s favorite superhero. In the comics, New Gods is a race of almost devout creatures and was created by Jack Kirby.

DuVernay has focused on the new Gods for quite some time, and we hope it won’t be long before things really go well. If the coronavirus epidemic subsides, production can begin, especially when DuVernay and King are confident in the script they have produced. In some ways, it serves as a small guarantee to fans that the new gods are still in progress, and that they will one day see it in life.

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