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Netflix’s Unorthodox Season 2: Expected Arrival And Much More

Netflix faced a major setback after scrapping many TV shows and projects. However, it’s not debatable that the streaming giant is winning the wars for a long time, and its 451 originals are ruling the entire scenario of binge-watching. But still, there are some limitations and drawbacks to the platform, which is causing more trouble.

Recent actions and decisions on Netflix harming a large userbase and fans are already fuming after knowing their shows have been scrapped lately.

Unorthodox’s sequel is getting more heat after there is no such news for the sequel and how the series will go further in terms of its expansion. So let’s dig deeper and extract every possible detail regarding the potential sequel season of the show.


We already know that renewal processes are in imminent danger, and Netlfix already disclosed its plans for the future. However, the pending status of Unorthodox has a solid reason as the streaming giant won’t continue the series for a second season. The four episode miniseries won’t have its sequel as showrunners and streaming giant move ahead with the decision.

Is 'Unorthodox' Coming Back for Season 2: What We Know So Far

Source: Esquire

Reasons for Cancelation 

However, there are no solid reasons for not continuing the show as showrunners are already running out of ideas for the sequel season. They claimed that they already told the story in the intial season and there is no point in going forward with the series.

Producer Anna Winger asserted some facts about the show and how she’s handling the project anyway.

She said: They are not doing a sequel to this because showrunners are already done with the plotline in the intial season and its also a mini series. There are several upcoming projects that they have to look forward to and Unorthodox’s sequel is not in their plans currently.

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