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Netflix’s The Floor Is Lava Season 2: Renewal Speculations And Expected Arrival

People love to follow things that are trending! Similarly, the game of the floor is lava that was designed for children so that they don’t fall or grab on to things that are lying on the floor was a huge success. The whole casual plaything became an overnight trend and now it seems like it has become something more than that!

Is There Going To Be A Second Season Of Netflix Game Show, The Floor Is Lava?

Streaming Giant Netflix has managed to use their creative ideas and turn the whole plaything into a game! The new game show titled Floor Is Lava aired on the streaming service on 19th June and it seems like fans are already hooked to it! The game show is all about the wacky fun and well, it also comes with a high case price as well!

The Game Show Is Fun And Fans Are Hooked Onto It! Have A Look!

The rules much like the original game are too avoid the floor which is even here, another name for trouble! The participants have to dodge the have on the floor and play the whole game without falling or tripping! If you haven’t already seen the show, take a look at the trailer right here to know what’s  it all about!