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Netflix’s Someone Has To Die: What We Know So Far

Over the last few years, the viewership of Spanish language content on the broadcasting giant Netflix’s platform has increased manifolds. The Spanish series and films find several fans and followers on the broadcasting giant’s platform. Recently, Netflix announced that it plans on launching a Spanish thriller limited series Someone Has To Die or Alguien Tiene Que Morir on its platform. The fans and followers of Spanish language shows are eagerly waiting for the release of the thriller mini-series on the broadcasting giant’s platform. Here is everything we know about the upcoming thriller limited series on Netflix’s platform.

Someone Has To Die: When Is The Thriller Limited Series Making Its Debut On The Broadcasting Giant’s Platform?

The fans and followers of Spanish language series and films on Netflix’s platform need not wait much longer for the arrival of the thriller mini-series, Someone Has To Die. The thriller limited series will make its debut on the streaming giant’s platform on October 16 this year, and the mini-series will contain three episodes.