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Netflix’s High Seas Season 3: Is Release Date Confirmed?

The Spanish-language drama series Alta Maar is returning to Netflix with the third season. 18 months after the events of the last edition, the show will see the Villanueva sisters live a new adventure.

The High Seas/Alta Mar is just one more example of Natlick’s success on the Latin American market stage with current shows like Narcos, Money Heist and Cable Girls.

The official release date of the High Seas Season 3:

John Cortaragena, who plays Nicolás Vázquez, announced on his Instagram in November 2019 that the cast and crew had started production on the third season. Season 3 of the ‘High Season 3 / Alta Mar’ Season 3 will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, August 7.

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The episode count of the High Seas Season 3:

Seasons one and two consisted of eight episodes and the next run is expected to be no different. According to Netflix, season three will drop entirely so fans can binge or savor at their leisure.

The storyline of the High Seas Season 3:

After living in Brazil, sisters Eva and Carolina Villanueva step into a new mystery in season 3. Viewers will remember that their maid, Francesca, had fallen off the upper deck of the ship when it was revealed that Francesca had killed Rosa. Marín so that Carolina could marry Fernando Fábregas. In the final minutes of season 2, it is revealed that Francisca was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, but we still don’t know if she survived.

Meanwhile, the season finale is also heartbreaking for Eva after Nicolás Váquez was assassinated by the Nazis during a new war with his long-lost wife. Perhaps there is a new romance ahead for Eva. In the promotion of the new season, we are introduced to a new character, who works for the intelligence service of the British government.

The cast members:

  • Ivana Baquero
  • Alejandra Onieva
  • Marco Pigossi
  • Jon Kortajarena

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