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Netflix’s 365 Days: Possibility Of The Sequel Of The Movie

As everyone knows, the thrilling romantic movie 365 Days recently came on Netflix. The film got a huge success and even some negative reviews. The movie is a Polish romantic movie based on the two Massimo and Laura.

Fans who have watched this movie already know about the storyline and its character. Massimo is from the Sicilian Mafia family while Laura was interested in business.  How exciting things start in the movie is known by all. Massimo kidnaps Laura and gives her 365 days to become desperately fascinated with him.

365 Days: Will You Have A Sequel For The Movie?
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The First Part Of the Movie Proved To Be A Huge Success

365 Days did so well that the creators decided to adjust the movie in English and Italian for other fans. Around the world, the polish romantic movie has earned $9,458,590 since its arrival in February. Due to this great success, there a high demand for fans about the sequel of the movie. Like fans want the sequel, in any case, they are eager to see the sequel of this romantic movie.

Review: 365 Days (365 dni) – In Their Own League
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The romantic thriller movie was seen by 454,000 in its first week, Making it the best opening of 2024. Later the movie got millions of views, and everyone loved it, But What about you? Go and watch this superb romantic thriller movie.

Will There Be A Sequel

The romantic thriller movie is founded on a well-known book set of three by Polish writer Blanka Lipińska, who additionally filled in as a screenplay partner all through the film’s shooting procedure. See, for now, I am not sure about the sequel as the officials report nothing till but by considering the views and success of the first movie. There’s a high possibility that we will get a sequel.

Possible Release Date For The Sequel

The success of the first movie and the response the movie has gotten shows a possibility of the sequel in the future. But it’s on Netflix if the movie satisfied the viewers, then It will surely get renewed for the sequel. We all can expect the possible release date of the sequel in 2024.

Story Leaks For The Sequel

The story of the sequel will be super thrilling to watch, and it will follow the plot of “Ten dzień,” which is on Massimo’s endeavor to protect his love Laura, from his enemies. We can expect, Laura and Massimo will get married, and his enemies will take revenge from the two.

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