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Monster Hunter: The Video Game Adaptation Film Is Delayed To 2024

The Monster Hunter film adaption of the well-known computer game series has been postponed seven months to April 2024. Milla Jovovich, who will be a piece of the principle cast, shared that Monster Hunter had finished head photography in December of 2018. The Monster Hunter video game is a high dream RPG that permits players to play the job of trackers using their abilities and weapons to vanquish novel beasts.

Monster Hunter Delayed Sony Confirmed!

Sony has declared an official postponement for the Screen Gems’ film, pushing it back seven months to April 23, 2024. Monster Hunter had an original release date of September 4, 2024, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the release date has been delayed. This news comes as many movies, including No Time to Die and Tenet, have succumbed to release delays, with all the more surely conceivable.

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What We Can Expect

The declaration about Monster Hunter does not come as a very remarkable astonishment, because of the current atmosphere for cinemas over the globe. They’re confronting a questionable future as they manage the coronavirus’ enduring effect.

This is particularly evident the same number of merchants have gone to VOD and gushing rather than conventional dramatic releases. Hopefully, this new date for Monster Hunter sticks, particularly since it’s such a long postponement.

Expected Plot Details

The plot follows Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis, an individual from a US military group who falls into an entrance and enters an outside planet loaded up with antagonistic beasts. There, Jovovich and her military crew select Jaa’s Hunter to aid their common endurance. The last official piece of news we’ve seen from the Monster Hunter film is two showy posters showing off the ensembles and goliath weapons.

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