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Netflix Makes Fun Of A Fake Account Spammer In A Hilarious Tweet, Here’s What You Should Know

After a Twitter account promised users to call a phone number on a free Netflix account, Netflix India reacted in the best way possible.

Since its inception, login sharing has been an essential issue for Netflix and other streaming services. According to the July 2019 Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), 14% of non-family Netflix subscribers offer their passwords compared to 11% for Hulu and 6% for Amazon Prime. It leads to a loss of millions of dollars in streaming services. Recently, ACE formed a working group to eliminate the “improper sharing of passwords.”

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Source: Deseret News

The ACE consists of large studios like Disney, Sony, and Warner Bros. As well as smaller, Netflix and Paramount triggering Lionsgate, AMC, and MGM. Amazon and ISPs Comcast and Charter are also members of the group.

There are currently no plans to avoid password sharing entirely. ACE, meanwhile, focuses on “best practices” to discourage account sharing, limiting the number of devices that concurrently stream from a single account, which some streaming services already do.

The rivalry from Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, BritBox, and Sky is on the rise.

Disney+, with over 10 million U.S. users, is scheduled to start in the UK on the 31st of March 2024. Disney’s influential media empire makes use of the on-demand video service to offer a host of new original shows and films based around their existing portfolio brands, including Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic.

As well as several new TV seasons and movies, Disney+ will be the exclusive home for many of the back catalog assets, including The Avengers movies, The Simpsons, and its recent live-action remakes like The Lion King. To get ready for launch, Disney starts removing Disney-owned movies and boxsets from your setup box–to ensure they are exclusive to the new streaming service.

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