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Netflix And Amazon Will Begin Filming In France After The Coronavirus Lockdown

Reports say that two new movies for streaming platforms Netflix along with Amazon Prime Video is now going to start their production!

Well, well, well, streaming giants Netflix, as well as Amazon Prime Video, are going to restart their production and shooting processes on their respective series in France.

They have Voltaire, Mixte along Arsene Lupin with Omar Sy who is set to resume the shooting process after both were halted when the nations went into complete lockdown in the middle of March.

Here is what we are aware of the crew of Voltaire Mixte as well as of Arsene Lupin!

En Voiture Simone is going to produce Voltaire Mixte and the crew as well as the as-is expected to restart the shooting process in the middle of July in the south of France. All this while, Arsene Lupin, which is being produced by Gaumont, is not going to start its shooting until September because of talent availability.

This news is according to some of the sources of Variety. The series stopped filming at the Louvre museum when the production halted although the museum can reopen from the second of July.

Here is what is going to happen in Voltaire Mixte!

Voltaire Mixte is set in an all-boys high school in the 1960s, which is set upside down when they start admitting girls at that place.

Here are the plot details of Arsene Lupin!

On the other side, Arsene Lupin is a modern-day retelling of the story about the eponymous burglar and the master of disguise.

When will these processes start taking place?

Productions and other processes are slowly starting now because of the recent launch by the French Government of a temporary indemnity fund that has been created by the National Film Board in collaboration with the religions and other private partners that includes banks, loan institutions, and other insurers.

There are the subscribers of these two giant streamers who have now finished out on every content that they have to offer. There already has been enough loss because of the pandemic and development requires to restart soon.

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