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NCIS: Will We Get A Season 18? When Will It Release?

Here is all that we know about the upcoming eighteenth season of NCIS on CBS!

Well, well, well, here is a piece of quite exciting news for all the people who are in love with the series called NCIS because your favorite show is returning pretty soon along with special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the role of whom is reprised by actor Mark Harmon. We will also be able to witness the rest of the team who will come back to solve all those mystery cases.

It has come to the knowledge of news media platforms that the whole cast actually reunited for a table read through the means of online video calls. All this while, we also had Wilmer Valderrama who plays the role of the special agent Nick Torres and he went on to share a picture on his personal Instagram handle back on the fifth of September.

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Here is what Valdrrama shared on his Instagram about the recent table read which happened for NCIS season 18!

As a caption to this photo, he wrote that after six months of the shutdown of the whole industry because of the pandemic which has been caused by the fatal Corona Virus, the first table read which took place for all the cast members if the show in order to discuss tye forthcoming eighteenth installment feels like a progression to him. As a concluding line, he also said that he is happy that the whole cast as well as the cries closer to bringing back this iconic show closer to the TV screens on our homes.

He also added that in a quite a few ways he gets a feeling as if they, the cast along with the crew of the NCIS family on CBS are just like astronauts who are embarking into the process of learning a whole new world, as well as a reality and this, is why he put up a picture for a smooth lift-off.

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