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Dracula Season 2: Is It Possible? Here’s What We Know So Far

Count Dracula is either honored or cursed with immortality, but it’s not clear yet whether BBC’s new series starring everyone’s favorite vampire has any more life in it.

While some followers might be interested in sinking their teeth into a second season, there’s no official announcement yet on whether Dracula will be resurrected for more chapters following the show’s first run.

However, show creator Mark Gatiss has suggested that his version of Dracula could still crawl back onto our screens one day.

Speaking to the source, the showrunner, Mark Gatiss, teased that: It is tough to kill a vampire. Do you understand what I mean? What they do is resurrect.’

When Will It Return With Its Next Season

While this is far away from a guarantee, the achievement of season one may really prompt the BBC to make a follow-up, which somehow circumvents the end of episode three. If then, what’s following for the immortal bloodsucker?

The first three episodes of the show which was aired over three consecutive nights, beginning on New Year’s Day. Given that a second season has not even been confirmed yet, hope that new episodes would not creep out of the shadows until 2024 at the very earliest.

As we saw at the end of episode two that the Count sure acts like to take his time waking up.

Cast Of Dracula Season 2

Considering that the writers figure out how to bring Dracula back without breaking the events of season one, it looks almost certain that Claes Bang would thankfully return to the role which cemented him as a physical symbol on the BBC.

While both Sister Agatha and her modern descendant perished by the end of the end, it is still probable that Dolly Wells could return as a different member of that bloodline. We now know that the family similarity is substantial among the Van Helsings.

John Heffernan is less possible to reappear as Jonathan Harker, although his face may proceed to be used by the vampire-obsessed foundation that was established up in his name.

Considering that Dracula does return from behind the grave, don’t be surprised if Mark Gatiss performs in another cameo role again, perhaps even reprising his part as the potentially bankrupt lawyer from episode three.

Dracula Season 2 Trailer

It’s impossible to say right now when the trailer of season 2 will appear — or whether this version of Dracula will even return at all. However, if the series is renewed for a second season, we will be the first ones to keep you posted on everything about the show.

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