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NASA’s Parker Solar Probe To Reveal Much More What We Know About Sun

During August 2018, NASA has launched a small, car-sized spacecraft to venture where there is no other craft gone before which is as close as 4 million miles right from the burning hot sun.

Additionally, the parker solar probe has been designed to withstand the scorching heat of the star, where the surface temperature reaches 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit to provide us with the unprecedented view of the sun and thereby helping scientists to better understand the solar wind.

Source: Universe Today

Starting of this month, the spacecraft has embarked its longest observational campaign to date on the fifth solar flyby and is scheduled to get as close as 11.6 million miles from the sun’s surface on June 7th. During this day, the parker solar probe will essentially break its own record for a closest man-made object to the sun.

Until now, the spacecraft has completed four orbits around the sun, while it’s fifthly encountered with the Star, and the probe turned towards the scientific device which is at a distance of around 62.5 million miles from the surface of the sun.

This eventually means that the spacecraft is gathering the data for quite a longer duration than during it takes while it is in the other orbits around the sun. Further, NASA’s solar probe started collecting information from May 9th.

It is expected to continue until June 28th which is a significantly longer time than its usual 11 day period according to the previous solar encounters.

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