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NASA’s Astronauts Finally Entered Into The International Space Station

The hatch opened finally at about 1.02 pm Eastern Time as the two astronauts carried the closeout procedures thereby crossing the threshold at about twenty minutes later.

After travelling around the Earth orbit for about 19 hours in first crewed US spacecraft, NASA astronauts finally reached international space station on Sunday.

Wearing the black attire and khaki pants, Behnken entered into the space station first followed by Hurley.

Once they have entered they have greeted by US astronaut Chris Cassidy and others who were in blue jumpsuits of the space station that was launched in 1998 and first inhabited in 2000.

Further, NASA’s administrator Jim has communicated with the crew members from mission control in Houston.

He added that the whole world saw the launching of the mission live and are so proud of everything they have done for the nation.

Hurley replied that it’s great to get the United States back in the launch business after almost a decade later and are just glad to be on board at the magnificent complex.

While during their undecided stay duration in ISS, the two astronauts will continue to perform many checks on the endeavor to sign-off its readiness and are ready to render support to the crew members on ISS.

When the world is beset about the outbreak of the coronavirus, the successful launch of the mission would inspire Americans at this hour.

He added that it was just an effort made by the entire space team during the dark days to make the launch successful and it would be an inspiration to all the young people in the US to reach their goals.

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