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NASA’s Asteroid Missions Might Threaten Earth With Its Huge Debris

According to an expert, NASA’s asteroid missions could produce shooting shower display on the surface of the Earth as small as fragments of debris from space rocks could collide with the Earth.

In an attempt to knock an asteroid away from avoiding its collision with the Earth could eventually produce the first human-induced meteor shower. The space agency has started with its design phase about the spacecraft that is known as a double asteroid redirection test (DART).

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Further, this spacecraft will be helpful in redirecting the path of the asteroid when there is a chance of these massive rocks inevitably heads approaching our planet. The tests and other necessary precautions regarding the working of these crafts would begin as early as this year where it will be attempting to move the non-threatening asteroid.

However, when NASA attempt to knock an asteroid off from its due course, the resulting debris could lead to the meteor shower on the surface of the Earth. Additionally, when DART collides with an asteroid in space, known as Didymos, there are possibilities of around 220,000 pounds of centimetre-sized debris.

It is supposed that the debris will be ejected into space – while some of them might fall to Earth or get trapped inside the planet’s orbit. From the new study, it was hypothesized that this debris could scatter across our planet thereby producing a meteor shower.

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