My First Love Season 3: Canceled Or Will It Going To Be Renewed, Here’s The Explained Details

The Korean drama thriller My First Love is an amazing series on a broadcast show. The series is highly regarded by many fans and there are two seasons available for the Korean drama. The series first debuted on April 18, 2019, while the next half of the series arrived on July 26, 2019. Now the fans are very demanding for the third race of the series. Here Everything we should know about that.

Renewal Update?

Though Sorry to report as a streaming show, Netflix has not approved the renewal for the third run. Fans are looking forward to the series for the third season of the series. If the show’s executives renew it for a third season there, we’ll update it.

My First First Love Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release ...


If you are considering when the set will take place, the third season of the series is about to come out of the shadows for all fans; By then, you have moved towards the right goal. The creators of this awesome TV column cooler have recently booked a spot for an October 2024 release date that will be shown to fans who dream.


  • Jung Chee-Yeon as Hang Song Yi
  • Seo Doo-Hyun as Jung Jin-young
  • Choi Ri Hee as Ga-Rin
  • Kang Tae as Cho Hun

What are the plot details for this?

The plot of the thriller is about a group and their experience and struggles with the first love and its consequences. The cast members of the Yun-Neckness series, who focus on school and stay out of school with their peers, are ordinary family companions and their dearest companions from youth. Each of these YunT-Neckness companions chooses to move into their home, they all have their own reasons, and at that moment the adventure begins to advance. The companions should now figure out how to live in order.

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Other Updates?

So fans now have high hopes for the upcoming season. As fans of the show know, last season ended with Eun-necks and Song-ey and she was delighted to have children. Fans can imagine having them in their home, and this home can become a social affair for their peers where they talk about updates and changes in their lives. The third season will be exciting to watch, respectively.

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