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Mother Killed 5 Children Before Throwing Herself In Front Of A Train

A mother killed her 5 innocent children and gave up her life by committing suicide

German police are investigating the shocking death of five children, who, according to authorities, died at the hands of their mother.

As sources previously reported, five children between the ages of 1 and 8 were found dead in a home in Solingen on Wednesday.

The grandmother informed the officers about the incidence

As per the reports that the children’s grandmother called the police and claimed that her daughter had murdered five of her children and left with another. This child is said to be 11 years old.

After leaving the house, the mother threw herself under a train, police sources said.

The surviving child is safe now

The 11-year-old was reportedly is with the family.

Authorities have not yet disclosed the cause of the children’s deaths and have not commented on a possible motive.

This is a developing story. The investigation is ongoing. The officers are interviewing the child and other family members to find the cause of the death and the motive behind the homicide.

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