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Girl, 14, Reveals How She Managed To Come Back From Death As Her Siblings And Dad Drowned To Death In A Swimming Pool On Christmas Eve

A girl who is around 14 years old saw her father, sister and brother sink in a Costa del Sol swimming pool on Christmas Eve has granted the first eye beholder story of how the tragedy occurred, what were the things which happened at the time of the incident.

The 14 years old Sorrowful Favour Diya said Spanish authority she appeared near to experiencing the same outcome as her 52 years old father named Gabriel, sister Comfort, nine, and 16-year-old brother Emmanuel-Prince, following slipping towards the deepest portion of the swimming pool. That was a hazardous incident.

The teen asked all her family who is from Charlton, south east London, could swim but revealed she and her sister were not used to being out of their bottom and did not understand the deepest portion of the swimming pool was in the center, according to a source.

The 14 years old told that she got terrified as she slipped into deeper water and strived to get out as her brother attempted to support Comfort. She feels so scary whenever she goes into deep water.

According to the information provided by the sources, in addition to, the actual conditions of their deaths left a mystery as resort chiefs told they had been granted authority to open the pool at the Club La Costa World complex close to Fuengirola.

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