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Mother-Daughter Duo Attacked By A Teenager For An Illogical Reason

A 14-year-old boy attacked a mother and her daughter in a supermarket in China. The whole supermarket saw the unexpected incident that happened at a supermarket in Clementi Mall.

Teenagers can be very stubborn, and so was this teen in the supermarket in China. The 14-year-old boy blew a string of Hokkien lued word at a woman when the woman lashed at her for blocking her way, sources reported.

The woman’s daughter slapped the 14-year-old teen when he began using foul language and displayed a poor attitude. Shortly after the boy was hit, he was angry and charged towards the mother-daughter duo and tried to hit the two.

A middle-aged man was passing by, and when he noticed the incident, he tried to stop the fight. The boy did not give attention to the older man, and he was pushed away by the boy over ten times. The older man does not show any anger toward the boy instead showed resilience. He kept trying the defend the Mother-daughter duo. The man determined his level best to try and prevent the teenager but couldn’t.

A video that was obtained by the sources that showed the boy around breaking through the block held by the middle-aged man, only to be pushed away by another male passer-by. Another video footage showed the teen with the man sitting nearby while expecting for the police officers to arrive. All the nearby shoppers praised the man’s attempts, who tried his level best to suppress the situation.

Police report at the scene shortly. The incident was reported at 9:29 am. The 14-year-old has been transported to the National University Hospital for a thorough treatment.

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